10 sep

today was the day when all the students were allocated to different groups. im in D1 with other 19 students. at first our tutor Alice Wellbeloved spoke to us about the importance of workflow and moodle, we also had a quick exercise to get to know people from the group which i found helpful because when you know the people well enough you can share more of the deep thoughts which i think, personally, is a very important thing when it comes to creativity and group projects. after lunch break we were split into smaller groups of 5-6 people for our very first project at csm. before actually starting the research project our tutor gave us a trial one just t get our minds working and the group to collaborate as much as possible. to be honest, at first it seemed impossible to connect a dutch graphic designer Karen Martens, the automobile material and the action of inflation. however, after producing a mind map where we wrote about what associates with each of these things first. that helped us to produce more links and i also think that the fact that this project was theoretical gave us more freedom of creative thinking as we were not afraid of the outcome. so all the ideas each of us had were sort of crazy in terms of if we wanted to produce them in real life that would be more than difficult.. we ended up with the idea of an installation. various shapes made of different materials (inspired by Karen Martens) would be floating in the air due to streams of hot air inflating from the floor, this whole thing would be lightened from one side therefore the shadow produced on the other wall would make up a car shape (automobile). i think the class liked our presentation because the idea is creative and interesting in terms of concept and visual performance. we have also received some valid criticism from the tutor. she suggested that we could have used more of Martens’ concept of his use of colour and also perhaps to make the people interact with installation. tomorrow we are starting out actual week long group project which should be very interesting to conduct. i think its very important that the first project we do is a group one and research based as well because these factors will help us in future projects. my group has already closed the practitioner, material and action, which are Eiko Ishioka, feathers and appliqué. im not familiar with the work of Ishioka therefore i will do some research tonight just to have an idea of what this practitioner produces.

14 sep

today me and my continued with the research for the ideas factory project. each person had a subject to research. mine was to research the concepts and ideas of the chosen practitioner- Eiko Ishioka. I researched a lot in the csm library and on the internet. thankfully, there was enough information to gather a good research. especially there was one website filled with a nice pack of information on her concepts which i have quickly added to my research. moreover, we have also shared our findings so every member of the group understands the concepts and follows each others ideas. i really liked the fact that every member of the group did the work very well, the research was in-depth and this led to a very good discussion. 

also, after a quick lunch break my group had a discussion of ideas for the final outcome. i really liked the fact that all the members of the group agreed on the ideas each person had so it was much easier and quicker to work. 

however, the worst part was when not all the people from the group shared with their thoughts or in-depth research even though we had the same amount to do and i even tried to do more of it just because i liked the theme we had. 

15 sep

today everyone was allocated to different groups, where we had to share our ideas and thoughts on the research we have conducted.

The best part was to go super creative and just "throw up" with a lot of ideas that spring into my head when looking at my group's three concepts - Eiko Ishioka, body and connect. This was because it allowed my mind to loosen and produce most obscure but at the same time most interesting ideas - as if my subconscious mind was operating instead of my brain.

The hardest bit was fully explaining the ideas I had perfectly laid out in my head, because when I tried explaining them, they sounded different from what I was actually imagining. In fact, I always have this slight problem, that I can never put down on paper exactly what I am thinking in my head. I guess this is because the ideas inside me are very broad and are built up of research and knowledge I had for a long time, howerer I do not conciously relate the idea to it, so when it comes to saying it, I do not mention the concepts behind it. A point of improvement for me here!

My time management was perfect in the 30 minute task - I managed to put down 30 ideas plus expand on one of them in more detail and visualisation. moreover, in the end of the day we had some time to develop our ideas further and we have to come up with the final idea by thursday. however, I'm still think gwhether i want to carry on with my previous research or with the new concept of using Ai WeiWei as my practitioner. I have come up with a lot of ideas inspired by Ai WeiWei and one seems very interesting to me. i found that with my firstly closed practitioner Eiko Ishioka, i had a few ideas but there was not much meaning beneath the ideas, therefore i switched to Ai Wei Wei as his concepts are much more in-depth and are more inspirational to me

1. developing ideas - personally, i think that it is a creative process where you have an initial theme/topic and then you start looking into it in depth in various directions and perspectives. you might have some general concepts about what you want to do, but your ideas will change and develop as you investigate your source. you'll need to do more research and find new source materials as your work develops. research plays one of the most important roles, because it can provide you with a lot of information which you didn't know or didn't think of before, therefore giving you a different aspect of thinking about the same topic/theme. this allows your ideas to develop further. research such as library, internet, galleries, exhibitions etc the more research you have the better flow of ideas you're going to have. as your research develops, it still needs to be focused in terms of referring back to the original theme/topic. another important factor is not to throw away any studies, even if they go wrong. they might be useful later on.


2. strategies i learnt - while the ideas factory project i realized how important it is to share your thought with the group because when they listen to you, they can then immediately come with something up, because everyone's way of thinking is different, therefore the ideas will be different as well. by this i mean that its always worth listening to people's response, because this might lead to further ideas. also, no need to be shy. because it could be that the idea you have might be a great one even if you think that it's silly. because in the end it could turn into something interesting. another strategy is sketching. when you have a flow of ideas it's always a good idea to put them on the paper, this could start a new process in your head because you actually see the idea visually. always looking back at the initial research will always help not to slide off the general idea of the project, moreover going back to the research might help you develop new ideas. 


3. skills to 'pitch an idea' - confidence in research, even if you think that your research is not going in the right direction or there is not enough of it, you still need to be confident because everything you end up with, will be useful at some point of the project. communication, when there is a discussion going on, always listen to it and be a part of it because some people might know the name of a practitioner/artist that might help with you research/ideas or it could be that some of the ideas that the group is discussing might inspire you. furthermore, listen to the feedback from tutors/viewers, criticism is always important, because it allows you to focus on the strengths of your work and to reduce the amount of problems. some keywords from anywhere-books, discussions, other sources of research might awaken new ideas or thoughts that you had earlier as well.

16 sep

what i did today:

-spent a long time in the library researching for my ideas factory project 

-done some sketchbook work where i showed development of my ideas and tried to follow it up by some sketches which could visually explain my idea


i found it very useful to come to library on the non-classs day because in a quite and no time restricted atmosphere it's easier for me personally to get all the work done, because i know what i have to do and i know how to do it with no rush. also, speaking to people who are not in your group is also very useful, when i spoke to a couple of students, they gave me some ideas on my projects outcome and also suggested me to visit an exhibition in saatchi gallery which is on only from 15-17 september, therefore after library i will go saatchi gallery even though the weather is very unpleasant..

ideas factory reflection

today we finished on our ideas factory project, we had one day to develop ideas based on our research into a practitioner, material and process. at first, i started with Eiko Ishioka, feathers and applique but then i realized that it was really hard to create something unique and unusual therefore, after we had small presentations within new groups, i chose different things for my individual project, which were Ai Weiwei, body and connect. personally i thought that weiwei's concept was much more interesting in terms of his ideas and stories behind his work, therefore using those ideas as my main inspiration i came up with several ideas and then developed one of them further which led to a satisfying outcome.

i really like the fact that at first we had to work in groups and then we changed groups again, this not only provided me with more ideas but also helped me to see what other people think of when i tell them about my idea, the whole concept of sharing your ideas is very important because it's vital for a better development of ideas. i'm definitely using this in my future projects. even when we had to start working on our own, i still spoke to some people and shared my ideas with them and so did they. the brain starts working better you know? i even realized that when you explain your own idea to others, you start understanding it better yourself.. when i was explaining my ideas to the group i tried to make everything clear, so firstly i talked about the practitioner i chose and some stories behind his work, then how i came up with the outcome. i also asked for some criticism as i really didn't want to hear something like "oh thats such a great idea!"..

my final idea was to linked to the Chinese government and how Chinese people have no voice and rights when it comes to voting. i read a lot about that from ai weiwei's interviews where he mentioned 'we grew up in a communist era-there was no individualism for us, today. no one knows you in society . no one cares and no one has any individual rights. everything belongs to the state or to money. this really got me thinking.. plus i know from my personal experience that such social media as Facebook and twitter are forbidden in china, which for me, a person from a more european background, sounds crazy.

The blockage (not "banning", as the use of Facebook in China is not illegal) began several years ago in conjunction with riots in Xinjiang. Twitter became blocked at about the same time. The government alleged that these social networking platforms were being used to coordinate protests in Xinjiang, and to spread rumors harmful to the state. In reality, these social networking platforms were being used by a small handful of people to help get out news and photos to the West regarding the riots and the Chinese government's poor handling of the situation. Many expatriates thought at the time that once the troubles in Xinjiang eased, the blocking would cease, as previously such measures had always only been temporary. However, perhaps because there were neither international protests nor repercussions for the blocking, it stayed in place. A sure precondition for lifting the blockage would be to allow the Chinese government to censor content on these platforms, and have access to user information.

therefore my final idea was to show people how people in china feel being separated from the news around the world and having no voice. i thought of creating a huge installation/show so that the viewers could really FEEL the atmosphere. i wanted it to be emotional and provocative. however i also thought would it not be offensive to the chinese people? maybe they are happy about how everything is? i would definitely get more research on these questions if this project could be longer.

i also really enjoyed having all three groups being combined together for the final review of the project. i really enjoyed looking at how other people work and this stimulated me to work even more in my sketchbook. it was also really nice and satisfying seeing positive comments in my sketchbook about the work i have done so far. it really made me feel that my work is actually valued! which makes me work even harder.

my plan for now is to finish off this project by doing more detailed sketches of the final idea, so it's easier to understand it visually. i still think that my final idea could be better because i haven't done enough research, primary research such as actually talking to a number of chinese people would be a more reliable thing to do and this could probably provide me with more ideas.

18 sep

went on a walk around london today, saw some private galleries and here are the pictures of the works that i particularly liked

19 sep

went on moodle today to check out the brief for the next week. i will be doing 3d design and architecture, which I'm very excited about because i have never actually done any form of art in that specific area so it's something new for me. 

i have also done some filming today because i want to teach myself how to use premiere pro. i love filming and i have done some editing before, but only using iMovie, which is not professional enough and it does not allow you to do all the interesting stuff like stabilizing footage, overlaying etc. so much to explore! therefore i have a lot of footage to work with..

21 sep



-10 designs for each word 'balance' 'suspend' 'surround' 

-choose the best ones, develop one of them further 

-make it in 1.5 hrs

- firstly, before deciding on my final design i carefully considered such factors as time restrictions and also material limitations. i had three designs that i really liked from the whole 'surround. balance. suspend' theme that we had today, but i tried to pick the best and my most favorite parts from each design and then developed a design which i actually have changed a bit while the making process.

- to be honest, i have previously designed costumes/clothes and headpieces for the body, but i have never actually made them before, therefore the whole process of making was very new to me and i tried to use the skills that i already have to make my final piece. another challenge was that we had a limited variety of the materials that we could use so i tried to choose the materials that would look just as i drew my design in the sketchbook in the real life. 

however, as i chose wire as my main material because it's bendy/flexible and it could perfectly replicate the design that i have come up with. my design was very much following the shapes of the body (back and shoulders) therefore wire was the perfect material as it could bend in such way that i wanted it to. the hardest bit was to use my fingertips to bend the ends of the wire in order to attach everything, i also tried to bend the wire in such way so it would not hurt the model. my fingertips still hurt though..

-i really enjoyed the whole concept of making, it's very satisfying to see how something that you have just come up with then drawn, becomes so real, that you can actually touch it and feel it. it's amazing. 

-my initial idea was to create some sort of a body jewelry that also raises awareness of the poor posture, which is such a common thing nowadays especially. all the people crunch down to look at the screens of their computers and phones therefore creating such problems as poor posture. my piece is just something that holds the shoulders back and doesn't let the person stoop. moreover, the piece that i created is not just a sort of an orthopedic piece, it is also worn as a real jewelry piece which looks aesthetically beautiful. thin lines with a very minimalistic and simple design create a very elegant appearance as well.

-if i had to take the design further, firstly i would definitely use a harder form of wire that doesn't bend a lot, because my piece has a job which is to keep the posture straight. the wire that i have used before was a bit too flexible so it didn't hold the posture in the perfect position. i would also use a different way of putting/sticking wires together, something like milting them together would be a much better idea then me using my own fingers to bend the wire. firstly, it would look more beautiful as there wouldn't be any wires sticking out and secondly, it would be less painful for the model. i also think that by using a different kind of wire (a stronger and less bendy one) would make it easier for the whole piece to stay in place and not to bend when the model moves. 


22 sep


-investigate different purposes and uses of chairs as well as different designs

-create a prototype of your own design based on the earlier investigation

-create a proper model 


- this project has definitely encouraged me think of the design of chairs in a very different way. i never really thought about the design of chairs in such a deep way, moreover, it was very interesting to have a lecture on the most famous designs of chairs e.g. thonet or robin day.  i also thought that it was very useful to have this class on product design because it really made me think about the everyday objects such as 'a chair' in a different way. a way when i consider such things as function of the object, it's aesthetics and how it can be changed. 

- the whole process was interesting and useful, however, i did not feel like this area of 3DDA is my strongest because i was not very inspired and i felt like furniture (product) design is what i understand now more in terms of concepts and functions but it is not what i would like to choose in the future. 

- the whole process of designing is very well thought through. i personally thought that product design is definitely one of the areas where function is a bit more important than aesthetics, which therefore means that primary and secondary research is needed. moreover, a successful design is something that will last forever e.g. robin day's chair which you can find in any office/school etc. therefore such designs are copied and can be changed in some ways, but the original idea stays the same.


24 sep


-we had a presentation in the morning

-then we had to build a structure from a certain number of bamboo sticks (short and long ones) and then we had to attach them using wires

-we worked in groups of 5/6 

-after creating a structure (that had to be stable!!) we had to cover it with some tissue paper using bulldog clips

-we had to make this structure not only stand very steadily but to also cover some parts so that the structure would be very interesting to look at

i found it very exciting to overcome the challenges i have set to myself as well as did people from my group. we started off with a very simple and basic design, however, we realized that it was too easy for us so as we had more time we decided to go for something much more difficult and challenging. the fact that we had to figure out HOW to make a certain shape made us think a lot and i also really liked the teamwork we had, all members in my group participated and tried to contribute somehow to the process of making the shape.

the shape was made put of several triangular shapes which then made up squares when put together in the final shape. as the shapes were made out of the bamboo sticks, we had to attach them to each other using the wires which could easily go through the holes in each stick. i really liked that we had to think of the whole concept of how to put the shape together so it would not only be stable and strong as a structure, but also include as much less material provided as possible. the whole concept of architecture is not only based on the design but when the order is placed, the boss wants you to limit the amount of money spent on the resources that could be provided, therefore this whole exercise was very useful for us as future architects. 

moreover, after that, we had to combine all the shapes that we have created and make the whole structure stable. our was very symmetrical which was very satisfying for me personally. however, when it came to the part where we had to place tissue paper on the structure, we tried to make that symmetry disappear. i think that we have achieved what we were hoping to achieve overall. we created a corridor, elevator, terrace and windows. personally, i think that the best bit of our structure is the stripes swinging when the wind appears. very long stripes of material flow gently, which makes the structure very aesthetically attractive. 

i think that this structure could be used as a leisure centre or be placed in a park where people can hide in the shadow from the sunshine under the tunnel, they can also go to the very top of the building on the view point.

overall, i think that the piece that we have produced was very satisfying, especially considering the fact that i have never done anything connected to architecture in my life before. i also really liked the teamwork spirit that each of us felt while working because everyone listened to each other and was helpful when anyone needed something. 

however, there are some things that i would consider next time. i think that our final design included too many ideas and the final design because of that looks a bit messy. the holes where the light is supposed to go through is a great idea as it is not jest the roof, but those circle windows make it more interesting for people to stand under the roof. then the flowing stripes are a very unusual thing to have on the building, which is interesting in a way, because its like an extra attraction to people, they look at if from the bottom, they see the sky and those flowing stripes as the wind blows.. personally i assume that it would look very eye pleasing. but! do these stripes go well with the circle windows? when i look back to the pictures that i took i realize that that is something we should have thought more about. 


25 sep

individual tutorial

today i had my first individual tutorial with pauline moon, which was about how to gather and arrange the research. we looked at my research for the 'ideas factory' project and what i have taken out of this session is that i always need to ask myself a question "what is the meaning behind it?" and "what do you think about it?". i have plenty ideas in my head but this tutorial allowed me to see my main problem - I'm scared of being wrong and pauline said one very useful thing which from now on i will keep in my mind THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG BECAUSE THOSE ARE YOUR IDEAS. this encouraged me to look at every single picture from my research differently, from another angle i would say. i guess just need to say whatever comes to my mind, because those primary ideas are the best, you don't think too much about them, therefore you don't restrict your conscious mind, you just release your thoughts and they are the most creative ones. 

what do i need to do:

-go back to my first research and use the techniques from the tutorial to develop it further in terms of my thoughts and ideas

27 sep

28 sep

Fine Art day 1

human being / / being human


Todays project is based on a theme which we had to explore and develop with a range of ideas. We got a task to consider, explore and attempt to explain what it is to be a human being and what being human might imply. The project is based on artist Ryan Gander’s Martian Museum of Terrestrial Art, in which anthropologists from outer space set out on a mission to understand life on earth through an investigation into contemporary art objects. We considered physiological and psychological aspects of humanity, and were trying to find ways of exploring and interpreting ideas through a range of media.

"It is argued that Art is an exclusively human activity and as such the primary mechanism by which we affirm our existence and state ‘I am a Human Being’" from the brief

-we had to bring a man made object that can be used somehow. 

-think of any other possible ways this object could be used (something unusual)


todays session was very psychological i would say and the anderson's exhibition played its role for sure as well as did ai wei wei's. they both prepared me psychologically to start absorbing such lectures about objectivity and subjectivity with a huge interest. 

29 sep

FINE ART day 2 

1 oct

esna su - the refugee and the burden

Esna Su (The Refugee and The Burden) - "the works almost cover the wearer to give a warm and therapeutic feeling" and the shapes were made from vegetable tanned leather cord which then was combined with sentimental object to form hollow shapes. i really like the resigns, for me, they look weird and this is what interests me the most, they are unusual. and the piece on the mannequin reminds me of the clothes that tribes would wear. however, it doesn't give me a warm feeling, it seems like the material that was used is not the type of material that i would use to be warmer, i would use cotton or wool instead. 

today we had to produce the final outcome of our project "human being/being human". i do feel that me and my partner have done a good job and we have a meaning behind this work which is about alchemy and this is what those golden balls represent. alchemy is an ancient practice shrouded in mystery and secrecy. Its practitioners mainly sought to turn lead into gold, a quest that has captured the imaginations of people for thousands of years. therefore this means that alchemy is a knowledge that explains how something of a lower value turns into something of a greater value, therefore becoming more important. the main idea of our piece was to show how our world and how we've come to the end of an era, where we have used up all the resources of our planet. the broken lightbulb is a synonymous to the industrial energy we've been eating up and the broken pieces are significant to how we've attempted multiple times to improve and re-invent our systems completed but it just hasn't worked well enough. the water represents our future where we can try to communicate the message to society positively, there is energy that runs through us and the only way to challenge it, is through communication. we must learn and interconnect. people have to understand their world where they live within nature and have respect for it. by using the sun, the wind etc we can save our resources. and therefore alchemy represents how such an important thing as resources and our world changes to a lower value..

louis vuitton series 3

finally i went to the Louis Vuitton ‘Series 3′ exhibition, which is a multi-sensory exhibit designed to take guests through the inspiration behind Nicolas Ghesquière’s Fall 2015 collection. 

the whole exhibition has become one of my absolutely favorite ones because every single thing was very well organized and thought through starting from the room designs and ending with the live action display where you can actually see how the real lv bags are being made. i also thought that the whole exhibit is a very new innovative way of marketing because first of all it's free and secondly the whole show therefore gathers millions of people which mens that some of them will definitely get a lv bag after the exhibit and over some time lv will cover all the losses made earlier. in terms of artistic point of view, all the projections and displays were very eye pleasing and esthetically beautiful. a lot of modern technology was used and some examples of old bags were displayed as well. the atmosphere of the louis vuitton has fully absorbed me!

4 oct


i realized only on saturday that the deadline for the london paris eurostar collaboration in on monday so i spent the whole day generating ideas for task one which is 'in*hab*it' so i tried to think outside the basic factors of where i actually inhabit e.g. home, university or bed and thought more about my family because i used to live with them my whole life and now since I'm in england i feel that my real place of inhabit is only where they are so i thought that it would be a nice idea to develop something including my family. i started looking through pictures that i have of them and i found the ones from our old house in bulgaria which is just by the sea. all those factors just made me draw something from those pictures straightaway. i spent the whole day on two drawings and photographs and i was happy to be finished on time. however, i do agree with the fact that i started to late on this project which is only because i don't check my email often enough. lesson to be learnt.

5 oct

fashion and textiles 

day 1 

-went outside and sketched ordinary objects from the streets

-looked at the sketches made earlier and outlined the most interesting shapes

-enlarged those shapes using different media and collages

-designed 3d pieces based on the shapes 

-sketched more from the model


1. primary research is when the researcher carries out the research by himself/herself, therefore the data gathered is new and original and it has not been collected before. this means that the data that we have been collecting today was primary because we were the ones who were collecting it by drawing from observation on the streets. we had one hour to find some interesting everyday shapes that we see on the streets. this is called the initial primary research that is very new, untouched and ready to be developed further. moreover, it has not been collected before. 


2. today was a very interesting session and i would definitely consider fashion and textiles as my specialist subject. i found it particularly interesting that the process was so quick, so you did not even have time to think fully about what was happening, you were following what the tutors said and then you were absorbed by the whole atmosphere and you actually wanted to create even more. especially after the day was finished, i realized how amazing the whole process was. i started with just drawing stairs and busses on the streets of archway and i ended up with more than 10 pages in my sketchbook filled with sketches where different media was used. i also think that when i did not think much about the outcome and just went with the flow, there was the best outcome. i invented a design from a shape that i have taken from my street sketches and that design kept developing even further as i sketched from it and this encouraged me to recreate design but in a different way constantly changing something therefore the design always looked different and even more interesting in comparison to the previous outcome. i never knew what i would end up with which was the most thrilling part. 


3. i realized that a great design is impossible without three main things: primary research, making mistakes and not to be afraid. secondary research is what has two directions, firstly it can be very inspirational and give more ideas, however it can also limit your outlook because, for example when you flick through the fashion magazines you see what is in trend and what  other designers have created and you profanely want to create something like that too but you brain is filled too much with those trendy ideas so you can not go broad and think in a different way(probably). therefore primary research is exactly what helps develop the best ideas that are based only on your own ideas from your own research, so the designs are unique because they are inspired only by the process of collecting ideas from the primary resource and from experimenting. 

6 oct

fashion + textiles 

fashion illustration

-models were dressed up by the other people from the group

-they modeled in their outfits 

-various types of sketches have been produced

-different media was included: collage, pencils, markers, ink etc

what a session! truly enjoyed myself today. sketching in such short period of time did not make me stressed out for some reason, probably because i was very confident in what i was doing. i felt that the proportion and lines i was drawing were just right and that gave me even more confidence. i think that thats because i have a good experience of drawing human body proportions because of the life drawing classes I've been having for the past 3 years. moreover, the materials we were using were the ones i like the most, i love 2d work, because that is where i can fully bring my ideas to paper. moreover, tutors encouraged us to use different materials and techniques which i found very useful and challenging at the same time which gave me even more confidence in what i was doing, i was not afraid to experiment with layout and materials. i also found it particularly useful to look at other people's work because i could gain some other techniques and ways of experimenting. 

i also enjoyed the fact that my sketches have improved so much in just one day because of those illustration techniques that we were encouraged to use. we started with monochrome colours and then ended up with sketches filled with continuous line, mark making and collaging. i was also surprised to discover that i actually can draw faces and hands in detail in such short time, which made me feel good. however, the biggest challenge for me was to go from one material to another as i do have my own favourites media e.g. pencil and pale colors, therefore i tried to encourage myself to use as much of the brighter colors and variations of media as possible.


another important thing that i have noticed was that especially after this session i am seriously considering fashion and textiles as my main curriculum specification area because i was so confident in what i was doing today and i was also given appreciation by other students and tutors which made me feel even more confident and I'm sure that with more practice i will be even better at fashion illustration. plus i want to try sketching this type of illustration when there is a bit more time given just to try gain that detail.

8 oct

9 oct

10 oct

tate moden

i opened a brief for the graphic design and communication and started researching for the monday. and as communication interests me a lot, i conducted some research accordingly to the brief website and video suggestions, which then encouraged me to research further on the topic of fashion blogging and communicating the message. i have always been interested in what are the factors for a super successful launch of the online magazine or a blog and the factors are pretty easy to guess. type, title, colors and images etc, but overall it's also about psychology of people. which is such an important factor that needs to be considered.

i have always been fascinated by advertising by all its aspects, starting from tv ads and ending  with blogs, the way the message can be communicated to people is amazing. i mean, there are so many different ways of this communication. therefore graphic communication is, for me, science.

11 oct

vintage fair in soho


12 oct

1. group work always has it's own ups and downs. firstly, the people who i worked with are my partners from the previous groups i had, therefore all of us felt more confident with each other because we knew each other. i found it very beneficial, for me personally, that when i shared an idea from my head, i could have some valid feedback or i could get a response in which i could see new ideas. this whole process is very interesting in terms of how a certain idea can be developed. moreover, we started off with mind mapping our own ideas and only then we started sharing the ideas which led on to a group discussion and even more and better ideas were generated. some downturns of the group work, in my opinion, is that some ideas that you personally think are amazing, but your partners disagree. this is probably the only challenge i had while working in group. i really liked how when i said that "poetic body" associates with languages in my head, another girl from my group said that it can be linked to how people behave while speaking and that's how all of us agreed on the idea of having gestures as our main point. 

2. i was pleased to hear that our video was very interesting and we did not even receive criticism even though i thought that the video was not finished at all. in the beginning of the class i was really again making a video because it's a one day project and for making a really good video it takes a bit more than just two or three hours of filming and editing. however, with our idea the only way was to film everything because the movement of hands had to be seen and the language the person was speaking in too. and another factor which i loved about working in a group is that we all could do different things to speed the process up, for example while i was editing, other members went off to get more footage. therefore we saved some time. overall, as the video did not come up as i imagined it to, because of the background noise that we had, i am still pleased with the outcome because we got what we wanted and that was satisfying. 


our final outcome

13 oct

The main restrictions today were:



•one already designed letter



1. Having restrictions, in my opinion, is a good and helpful thing for every single person, especially for a designer. I tried to design an illustration that would make the letter I chose "N" not visible, I tried to make it as if it's a part of the patters that I created. Black and red a bit bent triangle shapes. At first I tried to come up with many different ideas, I didn't know whether I wanted to make something with a meaning or something which would just look nice and have definite and accurate shapes. So, as I was running out of time I decided to stick with the triangular pattern that I created and tried to develop it further. However, my initial idea was to have a lot of small triangles but it was impossible to do because of the limited time that we had, I just wouldn't have enough time to carve the patter out from the lino. Therefore I made the triangles bigger and I also made them all with different sizes of holes inside, therefore that would save me time and it still looked very nice. Then I tried to see how red and black would work the best together in my design, I knew that red is the colour that we could use for big ares(as well as the small ones) and for such things as negative spaces etc. I can definitely say that I used the colours very well, because my final outcome image is symmetrical and there are no spots on the picture that get all the attention. Also, because of the symmetry idea that I used in my design, I also realized that I could use the same carved out Lino pattern for both sides of the "N". That pleased me a lot and I was happy that I finished the task on time but also saved the amount of materials I used. I also quite enjoyed working with only two colours, I think that nowadays that is exactly what a great illustration has to contain, because it will therefore look minimalistic and not too messy, therefore the message is communicated to the audience clearly. If I had more time, I would definitely do some things differently: do a trial of the design first, before making the actual final poster to see how it works, how much colour is needed and how much strength needs to be put in. Also, another thing that I would do differently is align all the lino patterns better so that the outcome would look more accurate.



2. When I walked around the class I saw that most of the people used a very minimalistic way of working which I personally think is the most successful outcome. By having a limited amount of colours and all the lines are fine and accurate the viewer is more likely to understand the message that has been sent. I particularly liked the zebra one, even though there is no red colour at all, it still surprises me how well the artist just added one small image and the whole letter started to look differently and much more interesting. And even without such a bright red colour the outcome still looks very interesting. Another image that I thought was very successful is the one with two hands and a letter "C", it's a bit sad that the red fingers are not seen very well through because of the already existing black print. overall, i like the idea and i also like the way the letter has been rotated so now it doesn't even look like a "C".

15 oct


final outcome

Alaric Hammond (64 nights)

here are some pictures of the other groups' work which i particularly liked. the first one is where the top bit of the structure is whole punched in a such neat and accurate way that it is very eye pleasing. moreover, the second one is where the structure is not by itself, it is also a part of the table, which makes it look like if its a ladder or a slide. 

i tried to sketch from the structure that we have built, but what i should work on is how to adapt this structure to a natural/urban environment, therefore my plan is to photocopy the sketches that i have done and to adapt them by including cars, people, trees etc. 

since the architecture day on thursday i was very inspired by the work we did and by the presentation given by the tutors, therefore i started using the pictures that i took some time ago. actually i always take pictures of the buildings that i particularly like (see instagram). however, this time i felt like playing with filters and creating some graphic patters, which i find very beautiful. hopefully i could use something like that in my future projects.

quite a struggling day for me because i was unsure about what was happening all the time, i thought that we either had too much time for this project or i just did not fully understand what we were asked to do. me and my partner were experimenting with the objects that we have brought, we were trying to put them together, cut them etc. and we did have some nice outcomes but the best one and the most successful one was a random action of sticking tape on a plastic cup and pulling it back where we discovered some interesting patterns that have been made. then we started sticking tape on every single surface that we saw around, it was anything, a wall, floor, a leather bag, hair, skin etc and then we ended up with the experiment of the credit card numbers, which in our opinion were the most interesting patters in terms of the design(the numbers and a name) and also  there was a lot to think about when trying to make a statement for the outcome and the meaning behind this. therefore we stack with that idea but in the end of the day we did realize that the idea is very interesting but we felt that it was not enough..

saeeda saeed - revolution listen

misha venter - tits up

gareth ladley - auxiliary tools

the somerset house

i fell in love with this unfinished Edgar Degas painting called "the woman at a window" 1871-72. for some reason this unfinished background and the warm colour of it is very eye pleasing. moreover, degas loved experimenting with technique and this picture was made with paint drained of its oil and thinned with turpentine, creating an effect similar to watercolour.

1. We started off with the arrangement of the five objects that we have brought to the class. Then we had some different techniques of how to sketch that quickly but to also show and express the feeling of that installation that represents each person because of the objects that were used. Continuous line, drawing without looking at the page, negative space and a more detailed technique allowed to think and understand the structure of the materials of different objects, which was also a step after we had to describe objects using words that we think of when looking at them. For example, a scarf that I brought is soft, bright in colors and pattern, therefore when I was trying to show the structure and texture of it, I used a black biro to underline the folds of it and to get the shades right, then I used ink with water to get the softness so it could be felt. Water softens sharp lines. I also found it very interesting and unexpected how we started off with just describing the objects and ended up with a pattern for clothes. And it didn't just come from nowhere, it truly and clearly came from all the installations we have done, from how we enlarged the shapes, contoured out some bits and played a lot with the materials. Plus, we did not have time to think a lot about how certain colours would look together or if that would look good with that. 


2. i always knew that a great design can not just appear from nothing, there is always a whole long story behind it. and this is what i found out for sure today. i was surprised to see how different techniques change the way you look at things. the way how we projected our small designs made on acetate onto a figure fascinated me. so inspiring to see the outcome that you did not even think of when you just started investigating.


3. i want to develop the design that i created today by doing some more sketches in sketchbook and  maybe that will lead me to something completely new.. but also, i will start using this method of primary observational research of everyday object and how they lead on to something amazing and unexpected. 

'philosophical fabric'

i thought that this particular outcome is very strong in terms of the whole idea of having different drawings representing social norms, culture, gender etc therefore by combining them all together it seems like the person is represented by all those things. sometimes it's too much and you can go on and on with all the things that surround you and the people with different backgrounds that you meet. moreover, i really like the warm colors and the composition itself. the way that the eye color match the shirt and the way that eyes are brightened up because of the holes made from the dark symbols. 

'social environment'

a very touching piece. i can feel the movement and i can also feel how painful it will be for the person when he actually touches her hand. i like the composition, how casual it looks, two people just had some lunch or coffee together but there is always some kind of barrier which is not broken and people might get hurt. i also like the angle that the photo has been taken, i think that any different angle would not give the same feeling that i have when i look at this picture eg side? 

'poetic found objects'

a very simple video using an everyday object-coffee cup which all of us see a million times a day. monochrome colors make it quite depressing and also the fact that the real colors are not seen and the sounds made by people can not be heard makes us really concentrate on what is happening to the cup. what people do with it, how they touch it, hold it etc. we don't pay attention to such things in real life but by watching this video i actually started to see how such a small everyday object is important to people. we don;t only get our portion of coffee but we also express our emotions and sometimes it can tell something about our character.

what i did today

-had to come up with a typeface by just cutting, tearing or folding

-photographed and filmed the outcome in different locations which represent this typeface

general reflection

we did not have time to think of the design for the typeface, we just had to sump into the task and cope with the design creation on the go. at first i did not really get how can you possibly come up with something like a typeface that quickly but then i got the point of this task. i experimented with cutting and that led on to an idea of a triangular shape. after the reaction of others i saw on that triangular shape, which was a good one, because it wasn't just folded in half, it was also cut out in such way that it was hard to tell what letter it was, so it was more abstract.

project/ideas development

i decided to carry on with the triangular font that i came up with. however, i had to consider that in order to make all the letters look the same, i had to carefully measure out the length of each rectangular first and then the widths of the untouched paper lines. this took me quite a while but when the letters were put in one collection they looked nice and delicate. moreover, i had to think of the name for the font and at first i was thinking that it has to be connected to the whole triangle theme somehow. so that the overall name i gave to this font is TROIKA which is three in russian. three represents three angles of the triangle. then i had some time to walk around and find locations for the photoshoot of the font and i even made a video because i really enjoyed how the whole thing looked at the projector.

feedback from others

+interesting abstract typeface that stands up, it creates many shades and angles

-had to tell what letter is each triangle


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